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Magic eye / Tuning eye - 2015-10-06
The Tuning Eye - How it works (By E Bukstein) Popular Electronics - January 1955 The electron-ray tube, or as it is more familiarly known, the "tuning eye," is a voltage indicator which, in many applications, replaces the far less rugged and far more costly meter movement. As shown in the drawing of Fig. 1, the plate of the tun... more

Something of everything - 2015-08-07
Nixie tubes – Old but awesome Technology Where did the name Nixie come from? The term is an abbreviation for “Numerical Indicator Experimental No 1”, in other words NIX-1 – later it became Nixie.   Who invented the first nixie tube? In 1936 two Hungarian brothers, George and Zoltan Haydu, developed the fi... more