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Nixie tubes – Old but awesome Technology

Where did the name Nixie come from?

The term is an abbreviation for “Numerical Indicator Experimental No 1”, in other words NIX-1 – later it became Nixie.


Who invented the first nixie tube?

In 1936 two Hungarian brothers, George and Zoltan Haydu, developed the first well-functioning and stable nixie tube.  Today we refer to these two brothers as the fathers of the nixie tubes, because in 1954 everything, including trademarks, production lines needed for manufacturing were bought by these two brothers – Burroughs Corp.  Mass production started.


Where were it used?

It was widely used as test equipment displays in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, as well as calculators, frequency counters, voltmeters and other devices that need a method of displaying numeric values.

In recent years it has been used for digital clockes, wrist watches, retro CD players and even AM radio receivers.


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7025 / 12AX7WA 

These tubes were made in Russia and come in standard white boxes from bulk packs.


Sub-Miniature Tubes

Raytheon 6418 Pentode Subminiature Audio Tube